Thursday, July 5, 2012

Believe, Begin, Become

I saw these three words, "Believe, Begin, Become," on the side of a city bus today on my way to the gym. They were, I believe, an ad for a local college, but they struck me as the perfect ad for living life. This does involve change, by the way, as mentioned in the previous post.  But, for those who are faint-hearted about change, this does give you some direction you can perhaps get used to.  Don't think for a minute that you can control it, but you can put the intention out to the universe or God and watch it work for you.

Believe! The Little Engine That Could kept telling himself, "I think I can, I think I can," and, of course, he did it. Even better is "I can do it."  See yourself as that successful college student, or happy partner in a relationship, or athlete crossing that finish line.  Visualize it completely, with all five senses.  What does it look like? Feel like? Sound like?  Build that vision, and believe it fully.  All great things start with a vision, but you have to believe it to fix it in your mind and heart.  Don't let doubt or negative thoughts derail you.  Of course they will try to sneak in, but dismiss them and forget them.  Come back to the vision and the belief.  Remember the movie, Rudy? The young man from a family of steel workers had the dream of going to Notre Dame and playing football.  He believed he could, so he walked up to the door of Notre Dame University and told them.  He wasn't deterred by his size, his lack of preparation for college, or his background.  For those who haven't seen the film, I won't tell you what happens.  But until you have the vision and believe it, only random, crazy things happen to you, not for you.

The first step is always the hardest, but it's a lot easier if you believe.  Make that phone call, fill out that application, talk to someone who can help you, do your research, get the first few words out of your mouth.  Beginning takes just one small step, word, or action.  Energy is put into motion and things start happening rapidly for you.  There is not a right or wrong decision, there is just a decision to begin and then it all unfolds before you.

You'll BECOME who or what you want to become by keeping your focus. Keep your eye on the prize and it will be yours, or you will become it! Day by day, step by step. Sometimes we become something or someone so gradually, we don't notice it until something cause our eyes and minds to open and we think, "Wow! I guess I really am (respected/successful/professional/whatever)!"  Then you truly live it. Well done.

"Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it. " --Ralph Waldo Emerson

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